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Aloha For Japan

Aloha for Japan is a statewide relief effort for the earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan, launched in coordination with Hawaii business leaders, the visitor industry, members of the Japanese American community, Lt. Governor Brian Schatz and Japan Consul General Yoshihiko Kamo. The Aloha for Japan campaign has collected more than $6 million in funds for the victims of the tsunami through donations and the sales of Aloha for Japan t-shirts. Designated charitable campaigns for the relief effort include the Hawai‘i State Chapter of the American Red Cross and the Japan-American Society of Hawaii. Hawaii's largest banking institutions have also agreed to serve as collection points for donations. Funds collected by these agencies will be given to the Japanese Red Cross Society, as well as other organizations providing relief goods or services to the people of Japan.

HTA’s marketing partner, Hawai‘i Tourism Japan (HTJ), has also been coordinating relief efforts in Japan through Aloha for Japan drives in the Miyagi Prefecture, an area heavily damaged by the Japan earthquake and tsunami. As part of the Aloha for Japan campaign, many Hawai'i and Japan-based businesses donated goods to HTJ, allowing them to share the aloha spirit with our friends in Japan who are struggling to rebuild after the devastation.  Companies that supported HTJ's Aloha for Japan relief drive included 88 Tees, Aqua Hotels & Resorts, Big Island Candies, Delta Airlines, DFS Hawaii, GRP Home Co., Hawaiian Airlines, Hilton Hotels and Resorts Hawai'i, Honolulu Cookie Co., The Kahala Hotel & Resort, Kualoa Ranch, Miramar At Waikiki, Royal Hawaiian Shooting Club, SM Trading Co., U'i Mau A Mau, Wet N Wild Hawaii, Hawaiian Host, Hawaiian Sun, Menehune Water Co., Hormel, Ogo Onoloa, Sendai Royal Park Hotel and Tereshia Ltd.
HTJ is also planning the Aloha Heaven Concert on June 26 from 5 p.m.-9 p.m. at the Hawai'i Convention Center to benefit Aloha for Japan.  The concert will feature Na Leo, Jake Shimabukuro, Manoa DNA, Ohta-san and Herb Ohta Jr., Maunalua and Jeff Peterson. Our thoughts continue to be with the people of Japan during this difficult time.  The HTA would like to thank everyone who has generously donated to relief efforts and would like to encourage your continued support. For more information about this and other efforts, please click here.


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