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OVB "Hot & HIp Honolulu" Press Trip A Hit

From Sept. 5-10, 2012, the Oahu Visitors Bureau hosted a “hot and hip” themed press trip that focused on Oahu’s unique adventure experiences, dining options, nightlife and exciting festivals and events. Itinerary highlights included tours of several farms in West Oahu and the North Shore; a visit to Shangri La and the Honolulu Museum of Art; exclusive First Friday tour with a special sneak peak at local fashion designer Andy South’s new studio; a once in a lifetime experience to swim with the dolphins on a Wild Side Specialty Tours charter; Hawaii Food & Wine Festival events, including an excursion to the Heeia Fishpond and evening tasting events; and more.

In partnership with HVCB, Hawaii Tourism Asia (HTAsia), Hawaii Tourism Japan (HTJ) and Hawaii Tourism Oceania (HTO), OVB welcomed media from North America, Australia, New Zealand, Korea and Japan, including: COASTAL LIVING (circ. 671,023), FOOD REPUBLIC (500,000 unique visitors per month), PEANUT BUTTER FINGERS (157,000 unique visitors per month), ORGANIC SPA MAGAZINE (circ. 125,000), WANDERMELON (2,667 unique visitors per month), FITNESS (circ. 1,514,676), AAA VIA (circ. 2,740,435), CREA (circ. 83,709), LETTUS CLUB (circ. 233,387), CAPITAL MAGAZINE, SUNDAY STAR TIMES (circ. 500,000) and JOONGANG ILBO (circ. 1,400,000).

Mahalo to OVB, HVCB, HTAsia, HTJ, HTO and industry partners for working together to share the people, place and culture that makes Hawaii so special. We look forward to the positive media coverage from this wonderful joint venture.


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