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Support for Hawaii's Festivals and Events Critical for Successful Tourism Industry

The HTA recognizes that Hawaii’s festivals and events constitute an important part of our tourism product, showcasing the diversity of our people and culture, and setting our islands apart as a truly unique visitor destination.  Year-round, a variety of activities and events take place throughout the state, ranging in size from a few hundred participants to events with more than 100,000 in attendance. These events celebrate music and the arts, education and sports, culture and nature, agriculture and health, and traditions and technology. Through music, dance, games, historical displays, food, parades and competitions, festivals and events help bring Hawai‘i's multicultural heritage to life, and provide both visitors and residents with a cultural experience beyond sun, sand and surf.

To support and underline the importance of these events, the HTA presents various programs throughout the year to engage with tourism stakeholders and collaborate on various issues to benefit Hawaii’s tourism economy. This year, the HTA, in partnership with the International Festivals and Events Association (IFEA), presented its seventh annual Festivals and Events Seminar. This educational opportunity provided planners with the tools and information necessary to execute a successful event and stay fresh on current trends. The HTA, also in partnership with the IFEA, offers certification programs for professionals who play a critical role in developing and presenting festivals and events in Hawaii. Through the Certified Festivals and Event Executive (CFEE) program, participants engage in a condensed two year curriculum that will help them to enhance and improve their product.

Throughout the year, the HTA also financially supports festivals and events that demonstrate respect for Hawaii’s history and traditions and share our aloha with the world. This month, the HTA is sponsoring the annual Kamehameha Festival to commemorate Hawaii’s first monarch, King Kamehameha. The Festival continues to pay tribute to Kamehameha and acts to preserve and perpetuate the Hawaiian culture. The Festival features traditional Hawaiian dance, music, chant, practices, and arts and crafts that are enjoyed by thousands of island residents and visitors from around the world. The 2011 Kamehameha Festival will be held on Saturday, June 11 in Hilo on Moku Ola (Coconut Island) from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. and is free to the public. For more information please click here.


DIACRITICALS recognizes the use of diacritical markings of the (modern) Hawaiian language including the `okina [`] or glottal stop and the kahakō [ō] or macron (e.g., in place names of Hawai`i such as Lāna'i). However, you may notice these diacritical markings have been omitted throughout the website to ensure the best online experience for our visitors. recognizes the importance of using these markings to preserve the language and culture of Hawaii and respectfully uses them in all communications beyond the online platform.

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