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HTA Brand Manager Jadie Goo

With the exciting new developments in the China and Taiwan market, Jadie Goo, HTA brand manager for both China and Taiwan has been busy managing those markets, in addition to safety and security and career development. 
Born and raised in mainland China, Jadie Goo came to Hawaii in 1997. She is a graduate of the University of Hawaii’s Travel Industry Management School. Prior to furthering her education and professional development in tourism, Jadie earned a degree in education in China, where she was a school teacher for several years. 
As a native of China, fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese, Jadie understands the Chinese markets. She continues to work with the HTA’s new marketing contractors in these regions to guide and support the HTA’s efforts in diversifying and growing Hawaii’s destination market share. For information on marketing opportunities in these markets, click here and see “Related Downloads.”  
Another major program that Jadie leads is career development. The HTA places a high priority on creating viable learning and career opportunities to recruit and maintain a strong workforce for one of Hawaii’s leading industries. Upcoming career development program opportunities include the 3rd Annual LEI Program and Department of Education (DOE) Career Technical Education (CTE) workshops, job shadowing and teacher and student summer internship programs. 
Under career development, the HTA also partners with organizations to offer cultural training programs to better prepare Hawaii’s visitor industry to be able to meet visitor needs. For example, the HTA works closely with the Native Hawaiian Hospitality Association, which offers Hawaiian culture and hospitality courses at their Hookipa Learning Center. The HTA also funded the curriculum development for Kapiolani Community College’s language and cultural training program for Chinese, Japanese and Korean markets, which can be customized to industry partner needs. 
For more information on these career development opportunities and resources, contact Jadie at
Jadie also supports the HTA’s safety and security brand management program to assist lead agencies and organizations with ensuring that Hawaii continues to be a safe and secure visitor destination. In collaboration with the Visitor Aloha Society of Hawaii, the HTA created a Travel Safety eBrochure, available in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean on its recently refreshed Travel Smart Hawaii website. The HTA encourages all stakeholders to utilize this tool and share it with visitors to the Hawaiian Islands. This year, the HTA is also working on producing a safety message to incorporate into in-flight greeting videos to further educate about travel safety tips in Hawaii. For more information on safety and security measures and contacts, click here

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