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Meet Our Team: Tourism Brand Manager Caroline Anderson

As a graduate of the University of Hawaii’s School of Travel Industry Management, and the Department of Urban & Regional Planning, HTA brand manager Caroline Anderson brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the HTA team. Since joining the HTA in 2000, Caroline has taken on a wide spectrum of roles and responsibilities within the agency from legislative coordinator and tourism planner to her current position as brand manager for the Europe and Latin America markets, County Product Enrichment Program (CPEP) and other HTA projects. 
As the brand manager for the HTA’s smaller developing international markets, Caroline works with the HTA’s contractors to increase brand awareness and education about the destination. While proximity and access remain challenges for Europe and Latin America, the HTA continues to focus on growing Hawaii’s market share in these regions to balance the leveling off of arrivals in core markets like the U.S. 
With the selection of a general sales agent, Focus LATAM, for the Latin America region and launch of the consumer Go Hawaii website in Spanish, Caroline will be working with Focus LATAM to grow interest in travel to Hawaii primarily in Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. For more information on this market, click here
In Europe, Caroline continues to work with Hawaii Tourism Europe, which has offices based in Germany and the U.K. In 2013, Hawaii welcomed more than 140,000 visitors from Europe, a nearly 10 percent increase over 2012. In 2014, HTA is targeting 148,500 visitors and a 5 percent growth from this market, year-over-year. For more information on the European market, click here
Having previously worked in the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism’s (DBEDT) Office of Tourism as well as the Community-Based Economic Development Program, Caroline’s experience has helped to build the HTA’s community and industry relations. She helps to oversee the HTA’s County Product Enrichment Program (CPEP), under which the HTA sponsors community initiated programs that enhance visitor experiences and highlight Hawaii’s unique people, place and culture. This year, the HTA is supporting 91 CPEP events statewide, including Duke’s Oceanfest on Oahu, Heiva I Kauai on Kauai, World Whale Day on Maui and Kau Coffee Festival on Hawaii Island, among others. For more information on this program and a full CPEP listing, click here
Caroline is also in charge of the HTA’s special programs and events that provide resources and opportunities to industry partners and tourism professionals. These include the recently held Spring Marketing Update, Mahalo Month in April and May, and Hawaii Tourism Conference in August. These HTA events aim to bring Hawaii’s visitor industry together to share insight on travel and updates and trends as well as provide networking and partnership opportunities. Information on all of these events can be found on the HTA’s website

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