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12/28/2016 Hawaii Visitor Statistics Results for November 2016 [pdf]

12/21/2016 Statement by George D. Szigeti, President and CEO, Hawaii Tourism Authority RE: Hawaiian's Haneda-Kona Service Expands Hawaii's Appeal to Japan Travelers [pdf]

12/20/2016 Statement by George D. Szigeti, President and CEO, Hawaii Tourism Authority RE: National Showcase for Hawaii Bowl, Hawaiian Airlines Diamond Head Classic [pdf]

12/5/2016 HTA Teams Up with the L.A. Clippers on Hawaii Marketing Partnership [pdf]

12/1/2016 Statement by George D. Szigeti, President and CEO, Hawaii Tourism Authority RE: New Customs Facility in Kona Opens the Skies to International Flights [pdf]

11/30/2016 Hawaii Visitor Statistics Results for October 2016 [pdf]

11/17/2016 Statement by George D. Szigeti, President and CEO, Hawaii Tourism Authority RE: Hawaii Hosting First-Ever WTA Tennis Tournament, November 20-27 [pdf]

11/9/2016 Statement by George D. Szigeti, President and CEO, Hawaii Tourism Authority RE: HTA Partners with ESPN on State Farm Armed Forces Classic in Honolulu [pdf]

10/27/2016 Hawaii Visitor Statistics Results for September 2016 [pdf]

10/26/2016 Statement by George D. Szigeti, President and CEO, Hawaii Tourism Authority RE: Hawaii Makes History Hosting Women's Tennis Fed Cup for Second Straight Year [pdf]

10/13/2016 HTA Issues RFP Seeking Executive Producer for 2017 Hawaii Tourism Conference, September 19-21, 2017 [pdf]

9/30/2016 August 2016 Visitor Statistics [pdf]

9/30/2016 Hawaii Visitor Statistics Results for August 2016 [pdf]

9/28/2016 Surfing Legends Buffalo Keaulana and George Downing Honored with Tourism Legacy Awards at Hawaii Tourism Conference [pdf]

9/22/2016 Hawaii Virtual Reality Experience to Debut at Tourism Conference, Sept. 26-30 [pdf]

9/21/2016 Culture, Diversity and Innovation Highlights Hawaii Tourism Conference, Sept. 26-30 [pdf]

9/14/2016 Hawaiian Culture Being Showcased at the Hawaii Tourism Conference, Sept. 26-30 [pdf]

9/6/2016 Tourism Conference Focusing on Hawaii's Travel Future, Sept. 26-30 [pdf]

9/2/2016 Hurricane Lester Continues its Trek North Away from Hawaii [pdf]

9/2/2016 Hurricane Lester Moving Farther Away North from the Hawaiian Islands  [pdf]

9/1/2016 Hurricane Lester Expected to Weaken, Pass North of Hawaii this Weekend  [pdf]

8/30/2016 Hurricane Madeline Weaking, but Maintaining Trek to Pass South of Hawaii  [pdf]

8/30/2016 Hawaii Visitor Statistics Results for July 2016 [pdf]

8/29/2016 HTA Issues RFPs to Provide Funding Support of Hawaiian Culture, Environment and Community Programs in 2017 [pdf]

8/10/2016 Hawaii Surfing Association Contests Statewide Benefiting from HTA Support [pdf]

8/8/2016 New GoHawaii App Offers Travel, Safety Advice for Enjoying the Hawaiian Islands [pdf]

8/4/2016 HTA Awards Hawaii Sports Marketing Contract to Ascendent Sports Group [pdf]

8/1/2016 HTA's Expanded Hawaii Tourism Conference, Sept. 26-30, Focuses on Transforming Tourism Together [pdf]

7/28/2016 Hawaii Visitor Statistics Results for June 2016 [pdf]

7/28/2016 June 2016 Visitor Statistics

7/20/2016 The Passing of U.S. Representative Mark Takai [pdf]

6/30/2016 Hawaii Visitor Statistics Results for May 2016 [pdf]

6/30/2016 May 2016 Visitor Statistics

6/9/2016 HTA Welcomes Hawaii Open to Oahu [pdf]

6/7/2016 HTA Appoints Kalani Kaanaana Director of Hawaiian Cultural Affairs [pdf]

6/2/2016 HTA Teams Up With Lifeguards Statewide to Offer Junior Lifeguard Program [pdf]

6/1/2016 NFL Exercises Opt-Out Clause for 2017 Pro Bowl; Game is Moving from Honolulu to Orlando [pdf]

5/26/2016 Hawaii Visitor Statistics Results for April 2016

5/26/2016 April 2016 Visitor Statistics

5/24/2016 HTA Expands to Hong Kong  [pdf]

5/17/2016 HTA Awards Marketing Contracts for United States, Canada, Japan and Global MCI [pdf]

5/16/2016 HTA Earns President's "E" Award for Export Service of Tourism [pdf]

4/28/2016 March 2016 Visitor Statistics

3/30/2016 HTA Issues RFP for Sports Marketing/Events Agency [pdf]

3/29/2016 February 2016 Visitor Statistics

3/28/2016 HTA Issues RFPs for Market Research Services

3/14/2016 HTA Opposes Legislaton to Reduce Its Budget [pdf]

3/10/2016 HTA Issues RFPs for Destination Marketing Management and Meetings Conventions & Incentives Services [pdf]

2/25/2016 Hawaii Celebrates the 'Eddie' [pdf]

2/25/2016 January 2016 Visitor Statistics

2/24/2016 Impact of Reducting HTA Funds on Tourism Marketing, Community Programs [pdf]

2/12/2016 HTA Applauds State's Efforts to Prevent Mosquito Borne Illness [pdf]

2/9/2016 HTA Informs Travelers About State of Emergency for Hawaii Island [pdf]

1/29/2016 Hawaii Welcomes ANA Upgrade of Japan-Honolulu Service with Newer, Larger Aircraft [pdf]

1/28/2016 December Visitor Statistics

1/27/2016 Hawaii Tourism Authority Supporting 162 Community, Environment and Cultural Programs in 2016 [pdf]

1/7/2016 Hawaii Tourism Authority Announces Three New Management Appointments [pdf]



12/30/2015 Hawaii Tourism Authority Issues RFP to Redesign Website [pdf]

12/29/2015 November Visitor Statistics

12/2/2015 HTA Selects Four Organizations for External Destination Marketing Management Services and Two Organizations for Destination Representatin Services [pdf]

11/30/2015 October Visitor Statistics

11/5/2015 HTA Releases Request for Qualifications for Hawaii Tourism Conference [pdf]

10/30/2015 HTA Announces Selection of Cruise Consultant [pdf]

10/28/2015 September Visitor Statistics

10/15/2015 The U.S. Women's National Soccer Team to Play in Hawaii [pdf]

8/27/2015 HTA Honors Tradition of Hawaii's Paniolo at the 2015 Tourism Legacy Awards [pdf]

8/26/2015 July Visitor Statistics

8/25/2015 HTA to Release RFPs for Product Enrichment & Singature Events Programs [pdf]

/31/2015 HTA Announces Search for a New Vice President, Marketing and Product Development [pdf]

7/31/2015 HTA Issues RFP for Cruise Development Consultation Services [pdf]

7/30/2015 HTA Issues RFPs for Destinatin Marketing Management and Representation Services [pdf]

7/30/2015 June Visitor Statistics

7/9/2015 HTA Board of Directors Appoints Board Chair [pdf]

7/2/2015 HTA's 2015 Hawaii Tourism Conference to Be Held on Aug. 27 - 28 [pdf]

6/29/2015 HTA Releases 2015 Mid-Year Market Update Videos [pdf]

6/25/2015 May Visitor Statistics

6/8/2015 HTA Announces Management Changes [pdf]

5/29/2015 HTA's New President and CEO George Szigeti Officially Starts [pdf]

5/28/2015 April Visitor Statistics

5/12/2015 HTA Board of Directors Announces Selection of George Szigeti as New President and CEO [pdf]

5/11/2015 The HTA Welcomes Two New Board Members [pdf]

5/8/2015 March Visitor Statistics

3/25/2015 February Visitor Statistics

2/25/2015 January Visitor Statistics

2/16/2015 Hawaii Tourism Japan Launches World Mac Campaign with McDonald's Japan [pdf] 

1/29/2015 December Visitor Statistics

1/15/2015 HTA Selects 2015 Product Enrichment Program (PEP) Events and Organizations [pdf]

1/6/2015 HTA Announces Search for a New President and CEO [pdf]



12/30/2014 Total Visitor Expenditures Increased 3.4 Percent in November 2014 [pdf]

12/23/2014 HTA Releases Study on Vacatin Rental Units Across the Hawaiian Islands [pdf]

12/17/2014 HTA Release New Quarterly Video Update Series [pdf]

12/9/2014 HTA Selects Digital Mediums to Manage Social media Services [pdf]

12/8/2014 The HTA and Hospitality Advisors Release the Hawaii Timeshare Quarterly Survey Report [pdf]

11/26/2014 October Visitor Statistics

11/20/2014 The HTA Appoints Ronald Williams as the Interim President and CEO [pdf]

11/7/2014 HTA Releases Request for Proposal for Tourism Destination Representation Services in Korea [pdf]

10/28/2014 September Visitor Statistics

9/29/2014 August Visitor Statistics

9/15/2014 Tickets Still Available for Arashi Concert [pdf]

9/8/2014 HTA Welcomes Three New Members to Its Board of Directors [pdf]

8/28/2014 HTA Honors 2014 Tourism Legacy Awards at Hawaii Tourism Conference [pdf]

8/27/2014 July Visitor Statistics

8/25/2014 The 8th Annual Onipaa Celebration to Feature the HTA's Ahamele: Monthly Hawaiian Music Series [pdf]

8/12/2014 HTA Announces Selection of Partner for Maritime Vessel Scheduling System [pdf]


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