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Major Market Areas

HTA segments the world tourism market into major market areas (MMA) for marketing purposes. These MMA display generally similar travel characteristics and competitive conditions.

State Total Visitors by Air
2017 Total Visitors by Air Highlights [xls]
2016 Total Visitors by Air Highlights [xls]
2017 State Fact Sheet [pdf]

U.S. West
2017 U.S. West Highlights [xls]
2016 U.S. West Highlights [xls]
2017 U.S. Fact Sheet [pdf]
View U.S. West Research & Reports

U.S. East
2017 U.S. East Highlights [xls]
2016 U.S. East Highlights [xls]
2017 U.S. Fact Sheet [pdf]
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2017 Japan Highlights [xls]
2016 Japan Highlights [xls]
2017 Japan Fact Sheet [pdf]
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2017 Canada Highlights [xls]
2016 Canada Highlights [xls]
2017 Canada Fact Sheet [pdf]
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Other Asia
2017 Other Asia Highlights [xls]
2017 China Highlights [xls]
2017 Korea Highlights [xls]
2017 Taiwan Highlights [xls]
2016 Other Asia Highlights [xls]
2016 China Highlights [xls]
2016 Korea Highlights [xls]
2016 Taiwan Highlights [xls]

2017 China Fact Sheet [pdf]
2017 Korea Fact Sheet [pdf]
2017 Taiwan Fact Sheet [pdf]
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2017 Europe Highlights [xls]
2016 Europe Highlights [xls]
2017 Europe Fact Sheet [pdf]
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2017 Oceania Highlights [xls]
2017 Australia Highlights [xls]
2017 New Zealand Highlights [xls]
2016 Oceania Highlights [xls]
2016 Australia Highlights [xls]
2016 New Zealand Highlights [xls]

2017 Oceania Fact Sheet [pdf]
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Latin America
2017 Latin America Highlights [xls]
2016 Latin America Highlights [xls]
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DIACRITICALS recognizes the use of diacritical markings of the (modern) Hawaiian language including the `okina [`] or glottal stop and the kahakō [ō] or macron (e.g., in place names of Hawai`i such as Lāna'i). However, you may notice these diacritical markings have been omitted throughout the website to ensure the best online experience for our visitors. recognizes the importance of using these markings to preserve the language and culture of Hawaii and respectfully uses them in all communications beyond the online platform.

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