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Visitor Highlights


The monthly news release reports highlights of preliminary visitor characteristics, expenditures, and airseats at the statewide level and for the top four major marketing areas (U.S. West, U.S. East, Japan and Canada).

February 2014 
February 2014 News Release [pdf]  
February 2014 Table [xls]


UPDATED January 2014 News Release [pdf]  
UPDATED January 2014 Table [xls]


December 2013 News Release [pdf]  
December 2013 Table [xls]

November 2013  
November 2013 News Release [pdf]  
November 2013 Table [xls]

October 2013
October 2013 News Release [pdf]
October 2013 Table [xls]

September 2013
September 2013 News Release [pdf]
September 2013 Table [xls]

August 2013
August 2013 News Release [pdf]
August 2013 Table [xls]

July 2013
July 2013 News Release [pdf]
July 2013 Table [xls]

June 2013
June 2013 News Release [pdf]
June 2013 Table [xls]

May 2013
May 2013 News Release [pdf]
May 2013 Table [xls]

April 2013
April 2013 News Release [pdf]
April 2013 Table [xls]

March 2013
March 2013 News Release [pdf]
March 2013 Table [xls]

February 2013
February 2013 News Release [pdf]
February 2013 Table [xls]

January 2013
January 2013 News Release [pdf]
January 2013 Table [xls]

December 2012
December 2012 News Release [pdf]
December 2012 Table [xls]

November 2012
November 2012 News Release [pdf]
November 2012 Table [xls]

October 2012
October 2012 News Release [pdf]
October 2012 Table [xls]

September 2012
September 2012 News Release [pdf]
September 2012 Table [xls]

August 2012
August 2012 News Release [pdf]
August 2012 Table [xls]

July 2012
July 2012 News Release [pdf]
July 2012 Table [xls]

June 2012
June 2012 News Release [pdf]
June 2012 Statement [pdf]
June 2012 Table [xls]

May 2012
May 2012 News Release [pdf]
May 2012 Statement [pdf]
May 2012 Table [xls]

April 2012
April 2012 News Release [pdf]
April 2012 Statement [pdf]
April 2012 Table [xls]

March 2012
March 2012 News Release [pdf]
March 2012 Statement [pdf]
March 2012 Table [xls]

February 2012
February  2012 News Release [pdf]
Febraury  2012 Statement [pdf]
February  2012 Table [xls]

January 2012
January 2012 News Release [pdf]
January 2012 Statement [pdf]
January 2012 Table [xls]

Passenger Count Information

Oahu [xls]
Maui [xls]
Kauai [xls]
Hawaii Island [xls]

Expenditures 2014 vs. 2013 Year to Date [pdf]

Hawaii Island by CBSA [xls]
Hawaii Island by States [xls]
Kauai by CBSA [xls]
Kauai by States [xls]
Maui by CBSA [xls]
Maui by States [xls]
Oahu by CBSA [xls]
Oahu by States [xls]
State by CBSA [xls]
State by States [xls]

February 2014 Arrivals by Country by MMA [pdf]
January 2014 Arrivals by Country by MMA [pdf]
December 2013 Arrivals by Country by MMA [pdf]
November 2013 Arrivals by Country by MMA [pdf]
October 2013 Arrivals by Country by MMA [pdf]
Septemer 2013 Arrivals by Country by MMA [pdf]
August 2013 Arrivals by Country by MMA [pdf]
July 2013 Arrivals by Country by MMA [pdf]
June 2013 Arrivals by Country by MMA [pdf]
May 2013 Arrivals by Country by MMA [pdf]
April 2013 Arrivals by Country by MMA [pdf]
March 2013 Arrivals by Country by MMA [pdf]
February 2013 Arrivals by Country by MMA [pdf]
January 2013 Arrivals by Country by MMA [pdf]    
2012 vs. 2011 Quarterly Arrivals by Country by MMA [pdf]

Visitor Highlights - Archive


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