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Hawai‘i Tourism Authority Launches Mākaukau Maui

With a deep commitment to our community’s well-being, West Maui is ready to return a comforting sense of stability to the lives of its residents. Reopening its doors is one step towards reducing the uncertainties that weigh on our shoulders. It also ensures our community has the jobs and financial opportunities to thrive.

On the horizon is a new day. As one, Maui is moving forward – hopeful and optimistic that it can share its culture with those beyond our shores. Watch the following video and learn more at:

Mālama Maui Toolkit for Visitor Industry Partners

The Hawai‘i Tourism Authority continues to collaborate with federal, state and county officials, community stakeholders, and visitor industry partners, to support and strengthen communities in need. From people and businesses that rely on tourism to drive Maui’s economy, the call is clear: Maui needs the support of visitors now more than ever. That is why HTA’s call to action for visitors is Mālama Maui.

HTA is providing the Mālama Maui toolkit with official statements, information and assets to be shared broadly as part of our work to welcome travelers back to Maui in a meaningful way. HTA is deploying these resources locally, nationally and globally to visitors, travel advisors, wholesalers, meeting planners, media, and community and industry partners. Access the toolkit.

Vacation Rental Owners and Operators, Property Owners with Available Space Urged To List Units For Evacuees

Vacation rental owners, as well as anyone with available space, are encouraged to make these accommodations available to temporarily house displaced West Maui residents. The state has set up a referral program to make those connections possible to support West Maui residents in need of housing. Learn more, offer your space, or look for housing at the Fire Relief Housing Program website.

Travel Trade

Information and resources for travel advisors is available on our GoHawaii website.

Mālama Maui