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Hawaii is adorned with its unique culture and natural landscapes. The warm voice that calls out to visitors is inviting and welcoming. This voice also instructs us to nihi ka hele, to tread softly, so that our travel activities are low-impact, coordinated, authentic, and market-appropriate. In the eyes of the beholder, Hawaii is a destination paradise. It is important to educate visitors on how to respect these voices of care and value.

Brand Marketing

Malama Hawaii

The Hawaii Tourism Authority, in partnership with a statewide alliance of Hawaii-based hotels and volunteer organizations, are coming together with an initiative that encourages more responsible tourism by giving visitors an opportunity for an extended stay if they participate in a voluntourism activity during their stay on the islands. The Malama Hawaii program not only will help us protect and preserve Hawaii for the future, but will give visitors a more meaningful and enriching travel experience, inspiring them to participate in more purposeful activities during their trip and future stays in Hawaii.

Brand Marketing Strategic Goal

HTA’s brand marketing goal is to strengthen tourism’s contributions by taking the lead in protecting and enhancing Hawaii’s globally competitive brand in a way that is coordinated, authentic, and market-appropriate; is focused on Hawaii’s unique culture and natural environment; and supports Hawaii’s economy by effectively attracting mindful higher-spending, lower-impact travelers.

HTA’s Global Marketing Team

HTA contracts marketing organizations worldwide – collectively known as its Global Marketing Team (GMT) – to inspire mindful travel and support regenerative tourism for the Hawaiian Islands. The GMT maintains a deep understanding of its respective markets, and also serves as the Hawaii resource for timely distribution of information and communication.

The GMT covers Hawaii’s main source markets for visitors – the U.S., Japan, Canada, Oceania, and Korea. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lack of transient accommodations tax (TAT) revenue which funds HTA, the Europe, Southeast Asia, China, and Taiwan contracts were cancelled in 2020. HTA does not have brand marketing representation in these markets at this time.

The GMT is charged with developing and executing annual Brand Management Plans (BMPs) for their respective markets. These plans are reviewed and refined on a regular basis.

Key objectives:

  • Drive destination brand awareness. Build the brand of the Hawaiian Islands as well as the specific islands of Oahu, Maui, Hawaii Island, Kauai, Lanai, and Molokai.  
  • Create campaigns that reinforce the unique attributes of each of the Hawaiian Islands.   
  • Take advantage of local market insights and intelligence on trends, distribution dynamics, consumer insights, and competitive analysis. Target both current and next generation of Hawaii travelers. 
  • Drive high-value visitation; increase per-person per-day spending and visitor expenditures for the Hawaiian Islands. Focus marketing on market segments that have higher trip expenditures.  
  • Inspire mindful travel and support regenerative tourism for the Hawaiian Islands.
  • Collaborate with Hawaii’s visitor industry to optimize results and leverage resources.  
  • Maintain the cultural integrity of the Hawaiian language, customs and practices, music, dance, cultural and historic sites, and imagery in all marketing initiatives.   
  • Increase awareness, familiarization, and understanding of the diversity of Hawaii’s people, place, and culture.
  • Encourage high-value air service to Hawaii.  
  • Enhance tour product development to build a desire to visit during shoulder seasons.  
  • Maintain a balance between travel trade and consumer promotions, backed by research regarding consumer destination travel shopping and buying trends. 
  • Promote Hawaii as a Meetings, Conventions, and Incentives (MCI) destination with special focus on the state-owned Hawaii Convention Center and citywide convention growth.   
  • Ensure that initiatives are driven by metrics. 

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