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Global MCI

Market Overview

The Meet Hawai‘i team will primarily focus on the United States, Japan, Canada, Oceania, Korea and China while identifying any additional markets or regions that have a greater propensity to consider Hawai‘i.  For 2021, the team will focus on the six Major Market Areas while exploring the opportunities in areas such as Taiwan and Singapore for the short term. Meet Hawai‘i will focus on a regenerative tourism communication program that educates both single property and citywide meeting professionals and attendees pre- and post-arrival about safe and mindful travel, the mālama value and the corporate social responsibility (CSR) opportunities available.


  • Position Hawai‘i in our Global Targeted Markets as the preferred destination for MCI events that mālama Hawai‘i while bringing the higher spending and value MCI customers.
  • Identify and target segments that align with Hawai‘i’s culture, natural resources, and community, and those that will generate citywide bookings, expand participation from the Asia/Oceania region, and fill need years and/or book shoulder periods.
  • Prioritize short-term citywide groups for 2023-2026 by coordinating mutual citywide success with stakeholders, forming a citywide advisory group, implementing a citywide extranet, redesigning the Hawai‘i site inspection experience, and reinforcing the Elele program.
  • Evolve CSR programs to provide MCI attendees the opportunity to mālama Hawai‘i and engage and give back to the local community.

Contact Information

John Reyes
Senior Vice President and Chief MCI Sales Officer
Meet Hawai‘i
2270 Kalākaua Avenue, Suite 801
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96815
Email: [email protected]

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