Sports Marketing

HTA has a defined sports marketing strategy in place to determine sports events that bolster the state’s leading industry of tourism and are in-line with Hawai‘i’s brand image.

Sports Brand Marketing

Sports Brand Marketing is a vital platform for HTA in supporting the state's tourism efforts. Sports programs extend the brand image and marketing of Hawaiʻi, promote the rich cultural sporting history of our people, and drive desire from a worldwide audience to visit the islands. Sports programs generate tremendous value to both our communities and our economy.

The main objectives guiding HTA’s Sports Brand Marketing strategy are:

  • Partner with sports/participation programs that enhance the image, reputation, brand and culture of Hawaiʻi.
  • Select programs with clear action steps that will produce the greatest community impact.
  • Mandate that programs include a community benefits package.
  • Target programs that will have an impact in our major source market area’s.
  • Target major championship events.
  • Consider media-only sports related programs featuring Hawaiʻi.


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