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The HTA's primary responsibility is to ensure that Hawai‘i delivers on its brand promise. This requires initiatives (see below) that help Hawai‘i provide an experience that is unique and enriching, while valuing and perpetuating Hawai‘i's natural and cultural resources and honoring its people and heritage.
Natural Resources

Natural Resources

Their beauty unparalleled, Hawai‘i’s natural resources are among the most precious in the world and one of the greatest assets to our quality of life in the Islands.

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Hawaiian Culture

Hawaiian Culture

The Hawaiian culture is integrated into every element of HTA’s programs to support Hawai‘i.

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Community Enrichment

Community Enrichment

Community-created projects, festivals and events provides authentic experiences that showcase Hawai‘i’s multi-cultures. Training workshops and resources offered to further develop skills and tourism products.

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Workforce Development

Workforce Development

A skilled and competitive workforce is essential for a successful visitor destination.

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Safety & Security

Safety & Security

The safety and security of both residents and visitors are always HTA’s top priorities.

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Maʻemaʻe Toolkit

To help market Hawai‘i authentically, browse through a resource of Hawaiian language tools, style and information guides, cultural activities and festivals, and other pertinent information.

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Digital Asset Library

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Partnership Opportunities

HTA's Global Marketing Team offers a variety of consumer, travel trade, and MCI marketing opportunities. Partnership opportunities include digital and social media marketing, public relations, travel trade, and meeting sales programs.

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Read the latest announcements that provide up-to-date information about current HTA's programs, events and activities.

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