Agritourism (agriculture tourism) is tourism related to experiencing and appreciating agriculture products, settings and lifestyles.  HTA has supported agritourism projects from festivals to tours to educational programs.  Below are some of the agritourism initiatives HTA has supported:

Hawai‘i Island: Kau Coffee Festival, Kona Coffee Cultural Festival, Hands on History at Kona Coffee Living History Farm

Maui: National Tropical Botanical Garden’s Lā ‘Ulu – Breadfruit Day

O‘ahu: Parade of Farms

Kaua‘i: Kauai Chocolate & Coffee Festival, Tasting Kauai Food Tours

The HTA has partnered with GoFarm Hawaii, Hawaii AgriTourism Association, and the Oahu Resource & Development Council to grow agritourism in Hawaii.  Below are our recent initiatives.

The Hawaii AgriBusiness Guidebook: Starting an Agri-Tourism Operation can help you get started or enhance your agritourism venture.

Fifteen local businesses were selected through a competitive application process after receiving training from GoFarm Hawaii and the Hawaii AgriTourism Association via the 2020 Hawaii Agri-Tourism Webinar Summer Series.  For more information, click here.

The 2020 Hawaii Agri-Tourism Webinar Summer Series provided a crash course in Hawaii agritourism and includes island-based updates and market opportunity panels, compliance and planning sessions.  To view the webinar, click here.