Sports Marketing

HTA has a defined sports marketing strategy in place to determine sports events that bolster the state’s leading industry of tourism and are in-line with Hawaii’s brand image.

Sports Marketing

Sports marketing is an important platform for HTA in supporting the state's tourism industry. Sports events attract fans and foster desire among audiences worldwide to visit Hawaii through TV, print and online media exposure while giving residents opportunities to see world-class athletes compete in the Islands.

The main objectives guiding HTA’s sports marketing strategy are:

  • Support Hawaii's tourism industry, and the businesses and residents who rely on its success.
  • Make effective use of state taxpayer funds in marketing sports on Hawaii's behalf.
  • Expand awareness of Hawaii’s appeal in the U.S. and key markets internationally.
  • Drive travel demand by showcasing Hawaii’s culture and natural beauty through media.
  • Generate increased visitor traffic during off-peak travel periods.
  • Strengthen Hawaii's standing as a setting to host U.S. and international sports competitions.
  • Promote the Hawaii Convention Center’s sports courts to attract U.S. and international events.

Iron Man Competition

Event Sponsorship Proposals

HTA is always open to exploring new sporting event opportunities.  If your event meets the above goals, please submit a formal request to [email protected].

Due to the high influx of proposals received, we will only review those which are complete and include the following details:  tourism support & benefits for community, media assets, content opportunities, alignment with HTA brand & objectives, and proposed fee.  All submissions will receive a response regardless of the outcome of our review.

Current Sporting Events supported by the HTA
Sentry Tournament of Champions January 2021 Maui, HI
Sony Open  January 2021 Oahu, HI
Mitsubishi Championship January 2021 Hawaii, HI
Polynesian Football High School All-Star Game January 2021 Oahu, HI
Big West Conference Tournaments  March 2021 Las Vegas, NV and Oahu, HI

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