Planning Process

Planning Process

HTA developed Kaua‘i’s Destination Management Action Plan (DMAP) over the course of four months in partnership with the County. Four steering committee meetings took place, in addition to two community meetings to gather further input. The community also had the opportunity to provide feedback through an online webform. The Steering Committee met via Zoom, and professional meeting facilitators assisted with bringing out the members’ ideas. While the HTA and County crafted the plan, all actions were created by the Steering Committee and feedback from the community. The draft DMAP was approved by the HTA board in December 2020. To view the Kaua‘i DMAP, click here


Community Meetings

Two facilitated Kaua‘i Community Destination Management Action Plan Meetings were held on October 21 and 22, 2020.  The first meeting was for residents residing on the West and South sides of the island (Kona and Ni‘ihau Moku) and the second meeting for those residing on the North and East sides (Puna, Ko‘olau, Halelea, and Napali Moku).  Over 200 residents attended the meetings.  The purpose of the two-hour meeting was to explain the DMAP process to the public, share the Steering Committee’s proposed draft actions, and have the public provide feedback to the proposed draft actions.  

Click here to see the PowerPoint presentation.  To view the results from the meetings’ interactive polls conducted at the October 21 meeting click here and click here for the October 22 meeting. To view the graphic recording of the two question and answer sessions, click here for the October 21 meeting and click here for the October 22 meeting.

For the Questions & Answers from the October 21 meeting, click here.  For Questions & Answers from the October 22 meeting click here.

Online Input form

Kaua‘i residents were able to review the proposed draft actions developed by the Kaua‘i Steering Committee.  HTA used an online input form for the public to provide more detailed input and feedback.  The deadline for feedback was November 4, 2020.  To view the results, click here.  

Development of the Kaua‘i DMAP

HTA worked with the County and Kaua‘i Visitors Bureau to finalize the plan, including identifying responsible parties and phasing for implementation. All actions were created and developed by the Steering Committee with community input.  The DMAP was approved by the HTA board on December 17, 2020.  To view the Kaua‘i DMAP, click here